7 Erasers You Can Only Find in Japan

7 Erasers You Can Only Find in Japan

If there was any country in the world that could list down interesting erasers, it would be Japan. There are various types of Japanese erasers that are worth knowing about, which can be efficient for erasing, and entertaining when you’re bored! Keep reading to see it for yourself!


Kokuyo Kado-Keshi Eraser

Don’t you love using the corner of an eraser to erase things? These strangely shaped erasers may look weird but have a satisfying concept. It has 28 corners! With these fun erasers, you can continue having the satisfaction of erasing work with corners after corners with fresh edges. 


Tombow Mono Zero Eraser

To put it simply, the Mono Zero eraser is the legit big boy corner eraser. This eraser is one of the best erasers in the world for pinpoint accuracy erasing. If you are an artist looking for this, look no further than this. It comes in the shape of a pen that makes it easy to hold, with the tip of the eraser coming in both circular and rectangular shapes.


Iwako Puzzle Erasers

Japan is great for buying erasers of any shape like food, animals, instruments, toilets…? It is common to see Japan make quite literally anything into an eraser. Japan takes it one step further by allowing these erasers into a puzzle, which allows for them to be disassembled. It isn’t only the aesthetics either, they are also quite effective at erasing too!


Hi-Speed-Cleaner Nerikeshi

Also known as kneaded erasers, these erasers stretch like clay and can be kneaded into any shape you desire! This feature makes the eraser a versatile option, allowing you to be able to erase fine details or something bigger. You can even press down on the eraser to erase and not have to worry about rubbing and damaging the paper.


Scented Nerikeshi

Like the previous eraser listed, these erasers are also kneaded erasers. These, however, are scented in unique smells that are probably most appealing to people who are interested in erasers they can fidget with and smell. They come in various colors with their fruity smells, or soda smells. These erasers are definitely strange, so consider buying them if you like strange.


Radic RBE400 Electric Eraser

Have you ever had difficulty adjusting the amount of strength needed to erase just the right amount? The selling point for this product is the fact that they can shake on one point on the paper with extreme precision and can erase very hard, making the precision erasing a walk in the park. All you have to do is: turn the eraser on, tap the paper, and you will have yourself one erased dot.


Midori Desk Mini Cleaner

The Midori Desk Mini Cleaner is, quite frankly, ineffective and not practical at all. It is basically a toy made just to clean up eraser shavings on the table. You use it by pushing the car, and it automatically sweeps the eraser shavings from the table into the car, making it into a mini cleanup truck. But with this, kids will never be swiping their eraser shavings off the table, ever again.

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