7 Japanese Writing Utensils That Are Just Crazy (Good)

7 Japanese Writing Utensils That Are Just Crazy (Good)

Japanese writing utensils are famous around the world, varying from advanced mechanical pencils to washable crayons. In this article, we will be listing seven writing utensils that caught our eyes. Take a look!

Gel-Shaker Mechanical Pencil

These mechanical pencils have two unique features: a gel textured grip and lead that comes out the tip by just being shaken. A gel grip prevents your hand from getting tired, especially if you like to grip your pencil firmly. There are also many different types of gel grips with various firmness levels, so it is possible to buy a grip tailored toward your grip style. There is also no hassle to push the button each time making it effortless. Just give it a quick shake and keep writing!

Frixion Erasable Gel Pens

These Japanese-exclusive pens feature water-based gel ink which allows for the pen’s ink to be erased thoroughly! The magic behind the erasable pens does not come from the eraser, but actually from the ink. Science says that the temperature from rubbing with the eraser causes “frixion”, allowing for the ink to disappear. An innovative creation well-executed and definitely worth checking out!

Pilot Vanishing Point (Retractable) Fountain Pen

The Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen is known as the first retractable fountain pen. Although having a retractable pen doesn’t sound like a huge deal, it allows the pen to be carried safely without the risk of poking, making it airplane-friendly. Fountain pens also have liquid-based ink and flow smoothly when writing, which sometimes just can’t compare with the typical ballpoint pens. Most importantly, the quality of the pen itself is mind-boggling. 

Rocket Pencil

Rocket pencils are pencils that have pencil tips that can be replaced easily. They also have parts of the pencil that can be disassembled and rearranged to your liking. Unlike mechanical pencils, rocket pencils have multiple cartridges of lead inside the pencil. The tip of the pencil can be removed, and another tip will come out of the pencil. No-fuss!

Kuru Toga series by Uni

The Kuru Toga series offers what is called the most advanced mechanical pencils. The mechanical pencil features a lead tip that rotates when there is pressure applied, ensuring that the lead tip is always a fresh edge, meaning that the tip will never dull. A simple but very smart mechanic, this pencil is an icon that shows us how far pencil technology has come.

Sakura Washable Crayons

Washable crayons are perfect for children who love to draw everywhere in the house or even outside. You don’t have to worry about those crayon marks on the table, floor, or even the wall if they go a little wild. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth and gentle rubbing, making it a secure crayon purchase for parents with little artists. 

Glass Pens

Although glass pens are not originally from Japan, there are many Japanese companies that produce high-quality glass pens and ink. Glass pens are handmade pens made of glass that function by dipping the pen in ink before writing. One may call them inconvenient and fragile, but another may call them elegant and more of an “acquired taste”. 

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